Normandy tour

We loaded up at 6:30am for a van tour to Normandy beaches with two nice ladies from Colorado Springs. It was a long 2 hour drive, but we had a stop for the Loo and to try out the roadside highway rest stops of France (good, but the coffees are too small!)

After we arrived, we went on amazing tours of Hawk Point, Omaha Beach, the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach, and Juno beach. we saw German bunkers, huge craters from the bombardment, remains of Port Winston still in the sea at Juno, and the Omaha beach American cemetery. We also had a wonderful lunch at a local hotel near Juno Beach. This was an amazing tour and well worth the time.

After getting back at 6:30, we took a walk, while they boys had some video game time. Then we rallied and headed out for the Arc de Triumph, followed by dinner along the Champs-Elisses (cheese platter, French Onion soup with Cheese, and Mac and Cheese for dinner!!!), and finally a train ride back(maybe the long way!) to the hotel to finish the evening late!


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